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An Overview of Electrician Classes 2022

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Did your light ever go out, or maybe specific electrical equipment stopped working like your lights? In either case, the Electrician is the only one to provide and apply a reasonable solution.

Electricians are none other than skilled professionals who are specialized in wiring systems and electricity. That is why their importance in our lives is unexpectedly high because we can’t live without electricity.

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Being of high value, you might have wanted to become an Electrician yourself, or your loved one wants to take this important path in life. To become a certified Electrician, you will always have to take Electrician Classes.

Therefore, we have here an article to help you understand what Electrician Classes you will study and how you can become an Electrician in alternative ways.

Where to find Electrician Classes

As we already mentioned, to become an Electrician, you will always have to take Electrician Classes. But from where can you take these classes? There are technical, community, and vocational colleges that offer the courses to high school graduates.

These Electrician Classes aren’t that long, rather they are from five months to a year, but the shorter ones offer you certification or diploma. For the lengthy Electrician Classes, you have to spend around 2 years in the Associate’s Degree Program, but you will gain a proper degree in the end.

Going deeper, you can also take the four-year path and go for Apprenticeships. Still, some regular Schools also provide you the opportunity to take Electrician Classes and pick courses on that.

Electrician Topics

There are various topics you will cover while taking the Electrician Classes, but the popular ones are;

  • Electrical System Design
  • Electrical Safety
  • National Electrical Code
  • Principles of AC and DC Electricity
  • Cabling and Wiring
  • Trigonometry and Algebra

Keep in mind that the concept of these courses is the same, rather the only thing that can change is their name. Just go through the details alongside the title to learn about the subject in detail.

Electrician Classes

Electrician Wiring Course

Just as the name suggests, here you will be taught about wiring, both industrial and commercial. You will learn to examine the building and make a plan on how to start wiring it in various ways.

Further, the building wiring isn’t the only thing you will be taught here, rather you will also learn to wire the commercial structure equipment and various other appliances.

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The studies in these Electrician Classes Include;

  • Safety Procedures
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Installation of Panel Board
  • Techniques Used for Grounding
  • A Lab Section for Practical Work

System Design Course and PV Course

With the advancement in technology, Solar Power is getting more recognition and also paves the way for Electricians. The PV or Photovoltaic Course will provide you with an introduction to various cells that take energy from the sun and how you can apply them at a location.

Alongside this, the students who take these Electrician Classes will learn about the National Electrical Code that is meant for the installation of Photovoltaic along with their design.

This course is specifically for those who want to take the path of Solar Energy in the future as Electricians or people who want to make it a business.

Electrical Tool and Safety Course

When working with Electricity, you have to ensure you aren’t getting shocked. It is a matter of life and death when dealing with high voltages. Therefore, the most essential course you will find everywhere else is the Electrical Safety course.

This course gives you the knowledge of all safety rules accepted in a specific country and also gives you the practical knowledge of working with Electricity in the safest way possible.

Whenever dealing with Electricity, you will be utilizing various tools like Cutter. In these Electrician Classes, you will be provided with a thorough knowledge of handling such tools for Electrical Wiring and Measuring.

Blueprint Course

Whether in the industrial sector or residential sector, an Electrician should always know how to make a proper blueprint of wiring or read one already made. Only in this way the Electrician can work effortlessly while paving an easy path for the Electricians to come after in case something goes wrong.

In these Electrician Classes, you will be taught how to read the blueprint for Electricity; utilizing the National Electrical Code Manual and National Safety Standards used for the wiring.

Further, you will also find various famous courses that Electrical Engineers usually go through, like;

  • Load Circulation
  • ECA or Electrical Circuit Analysis
  • Electrical Theory
  • Branch Circuit Calculations
  • Practical work for wiring according to the Blueprints
  • Commercial and Industrial Wiring

In some cases, you might experience making your Blueprint in a case that needs to be. Most of the time, the new Electricians work with the experienced ones and follow the Blueprints made by the experienced Electrician.

Electrician Classes to Become Qualified Electricians

Now that we are over with our Classes for becoming an Electrician let’s talk about the Electrician Classes or Courses that you will have to take to become a Qualified Electrician

Before taking Apprenticeship

There is only one thing that you will need to gain for the Apprenticeship, and it is your High School Diploma. But, one thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are going to take an Apprenticeship, there is specific required coursework that you need to take in school, like one year of Algebra.

But mostly, the other programs don’t have the sure type of requirements, rather it is mainly like the recommendation to pave a better way for Electricians. For specific Apprenticeships, there will be recommended courses for you to take before going for an Apprenticeship. It might not be a requirement, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Various types of Electrician Classes before Apprenticeship are;

  • Industrial Arts
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • Trade School Suggestion

Electrician Classes while doing Apprenticeship

As we already mentioned, the Apprenticeship will last around 4 years, having both the practical training and the classroom education. When we calculate the yearly hours of work you need, it will round off around 144 Electrician Class Hours each year, and for four years, it will be around 576 hours.

During the Apprenticeship, you will be given Mechanical Skills, Electrical Skills, First Aid, and Safety. While every country has specific Codes and Standards you must follow as an Electrician, the Apprenticeship will also provide you with all of their details.

Advanced Practical Electrician Classes include Conduit Bending, Arc Welding, Lighting, and Fire Alarm Systems.

During Field

We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to work alongside a seasoned electrician during your fieldwork. This dynamic training experience provides you with hands-on learning while being closely supervised by an expert. You’ll be pleased to know that you will need to complete just about 2,000 hours of on-the-job training each year for four years, culminating in approximately 8,000 hours of training. We are excited to support you on this journey to becoming a skilled electrician!

You don’t have to pay for the training program; instead, you will be compensated for it. Although the wages are relatively low, earning something is better than nothing.

Completing Apprenticeship and Getting a License

Licensing requirements for electricians vary by location.

To obtain an Electrician License, one must complete the Apprenticeship Program and attend all Electrician Classes. Additionally, renewal requirements may vary by region.

Some areas require Electricians to take educational courses to renew their license, while others only require an application.

After 18 months, Electricians must undergo a four-hour training to renew their license. The training covers rules, regulations, and safety practices..

Final Verdict

Electricians are essential people today because everything runs on Electricity and we can’t live without it, even for a second. In case something goes wrong, the Electrician is the only skilled person who can track the issue and provide the best solution. That is exactly why it is also a highly paid-profession.

If someone wants to become an Electrician, the only proper way is to take Electrician Classes, and that is exactly what this article is all about.

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