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Become an Elevator Mechanic – Guide to Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program 2022

image represents Become an Elevator Mechanic - Guide to Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

Elevator Mechanics are a mix between Electrical Systems and Mechanical Systems. That is precisely why people get confused with taking the path of Elevator Mechanic. Amongst the best ways to become an Elevator Mechanic, your best bet is none other than the Apprenticeship Program.

Here in this article, we will discuss the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program to help you understand it in detail.

image represents Become an Elevator Mechanic - Guide to Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

The job of an Elevator Mechanic Apprentice

An Elevator Mechanic specializes in the correction of Elevators like;

  • Replacing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Assembly
  • Repairing

Further, it doesn’t only relate to the elevators, rather further moves onto the chairlifts, escalators, mechanic walkways, and so on.

The work of an Elevator Mechanic further expands to the specializations. Some go for maintenance to handle their routes, and some go for maintenance to perform the working order of routes. Some are for service, and some modernize the elevators inside buildings.

Therefore, the duties include;

  • Replacement of parts
  • Repairing of parts
  • Greasing the mechanical parts
  • Oiling the mechanical parts
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Using Gauge and Meter to test equipment
  • Looking after a system failure
  • Control System Wiring
  • Safety Control Devices Installation, Adjusting, and Testing
  • Elevator Cars Assembly
  • Counterweight connection with Elevator Car Frame
  • Interpreting Blueprints
  • Reading Blueprints

Chairlifts, Elevator, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walkways, etc. Installation

More or less, the responsibility of all machinery like elevators is related to Elevator Mechanics. They check machinery with various equipment or change them accordingly.

Their Workplace

Elevator Mechanics are mostly under project that involves Elevator Installation or is appointed by the Elevator Manufacturers. Teamwork or working alone is a matter of project as one can repair while another installs or so on.

On standard, the Elevator Mechanics work 40 hours weekly, but it depends on their work and position and also has peak periods. The maintenance staff isn’t like others; rather, they are available 24 hours in case something goes wrong with the Elevator.

Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

Whether you want to take the path of school or you want to become an Elevator Mechanic, you will have to go through the phase of the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program.

The tradesmen working to repair or install elevators are exceptionally paid. The world is shifting towards Elevators and Escalators, making the lives of people easy to climb up building stories. Therefore, the professionals who are related to these mechanics, like Elevator Mechanics, are in high demand.

Working as an Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

As an Elevator Mechanic Apprentice, your job is exactly like that of a helper working with a professional. Whether the professional does maintenance, installation, or repair, you will be there to assist and learn.

The Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program is a college-level class where you will do job training.

Minimum Requirement for Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

There isn’t specifically any die-hard requirement for the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program. You have to be on or over the age of 18 while having a GED or a diploma from high school.

The only thing that is a bit unique is your physique because the field itself is very hard. You will have to work in strange conditions and areas where you will have to be physically fit. Therefore, being in an Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program, the hardest requirement is your physical health.

Procedure for Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

Procedure for Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

Before you want to enroll in the program, you will have to take into consideration a few things;

  • Your age should be equal to or more than 18
  • Your education should be equal to a GED or diploma in high school
  • You should be authorized to apply for the technical apprenticeship program in that specific area
  • Documentation required by the institute, like your GED or Diploma result
  • Drug Screening test

Once all of these things are with you, you can effortlessly start to apply for the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program. You can pick an institute through which you can apply online.

After applying online, you will then have an application form, and you will also be requested to fill in your details and put in your degrees. Ultimately, you will be given time to take the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test or similar, depending on your area.

There are three parts of the EIAT Test or other similar tests;

  • Math or Basic Numeracy
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Mechanical Aptitude

You will also be given a test with few tools in front. Your job will be to identify them and show your measurement reading skills. EIAT requires 70 percent to pass, while your job is to get the best on the test.

Last but not least, when you pass the test, you will be given a date for an interview, and nearly all candidates have the same questions.

Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program OJL and Probation

There are usually 8k hours of OJL or On-Job Learning. In this program, you will be given practical knowledge of how to tackle the problems. Don’t worry, you are an Apprentice and work under a professional.

Further, you will also have to take around 576 hours for the extra courses related to the practical and theoretical courses. The OJL will teach you about;

  • Rigging and Hoisting
  • Construction Safety
  • Print Reading
  • Machine Room Installation

The Extra courses are;

  • Solid State
  • Hydraulic Theory
  • Electrical Theory
  • Power and Logic

Benefits of Becoming an Elevator Mechanic

Just like any other skill in the market, Elevator Mechanics also get to enjoy specific perks in their personal and professional lives. Below, we have some of the top benefits you can get as an Elevator Mechanic

Practical Training

If you are looking for a job that gives you both skills and practical training, then there is no wrong with the Elevator Mechanic. Like other top skills, here you will also learn the theoretical concepts, just like we mentioned above in our Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program.

Most of the time, we study things in college that are not applied directly in the field, but that is not the concept here. What you will learn during your class, which you will implement in your Apprenticeship program, will further benefit your job.


Nowadays, tall buildings require elevators and escalators to transport people between floors. Elevator mechanics provide this accessibility, which is especially helpful for individuals with disabilities or illnesses, as well as the elderly.

Choice of Workplace

As we mentioned earlier, Elevator Mechanics can choose job locations close to their families for greater accessibility.

We are seeking skilled elevator mechanics to enhance elevators and escalators. Enjoy the flexibility to select your preferred work locations!

Union Job

There are many benefits to joining the Union, including perks like vacations and medical coverage. As an Elevator Mechanic, you will typically work in a relatively safe environment, but there is always a possibility of unexpected challenges. By opting for a Union job, you can rest assured that you will have access to insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Plus, if you are unable to continue working in this field due to physical limitations, the Union can still provide you with financial support to help you maintain your quality of life.


If you don’t want to always remain under other people and want to start your work as an Elevator Mechanic, you can do so. Some professionals make deals with the Elevator Companies or others of the sort, while some simply open their workshops.

In this way, you can earn a lot more and get to enjoy stepping into the business world. But this luxury is mostly available to the ones who want to be relatively new.

Final Verdict

Elevator Mechanics are in demand nowadays and people generally being in the field are taking benefits. Ranging from Commercial Buildings to Industries and even Malls, you will find Elevators everywhere. Even people are putting them in their houses because of how beneficial they are to the ill, disabled, and old people.

For newcomers who want to pursue this path, the best method is none other than the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program. To understand it in depth, we have here this article to help you with its workload, the requirements, your work, and what you will learn during the Program.

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