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Beginners Guide on Electrician Courses

image represents Beginners Guide on Electrician Courses
image represents Beginners Guide on Electrician Courses

Beginners Guide on Electrician Courses Everyone is aware of the importance Electricity has in our lives and without it, we can’t even survive for a second. Therefore, there is no shortage of Electrical Industries in the world, having massive funding to keep the Electricity running as efficiently as possible.

This was on a larger scale, and when we jump into the smaller parts like our homes, we do need electricians from time to time for either repairing, new wiring, troubleshooting and so on. So, there is no shortage of the work of Electricians nowadays; therefore, people are looking for a career path in this field.

The only issue here is that mostly there is no time for a person to take a complete qualification and still want to learn about Electricity or do small house Electrical work themselves. For this, there are Electrician Courses that sometimes offer you certain knowledge without having to come to sit in a classroom daily.

Even Electricians indulge themselves in some new courses for better knowledge and efficiency in work. The only issue here is that it is hard to choose a course as a newbie or someone completely unaware of the field. Don’t worry we have your back, and in this Guide, we are going to discuss some of the Electrician Courses in demand.

Electrician Courses Guide

Below we have some of the Electrician Courses that you can take;

Electrical Safety

This Course gives the knowledge to deal with Electricity safely and additionally how to apply protection preventive against accidents. Further, it tells you how to deal with the De-energized and energized work whilst giving you short hints for working with the energized tasks.

As any person who doesn’t know how electrical energy works, it is hard to be aware of whether electrical energy is flowing in certain wires or not. Even if electrical energy is present, most people are not aware of how to deal with electricity. Therefore, whether or not you are a newbie making your way to the pinnacle as an Electrician or someone who simply wants to recognize Electricity for themselves, this Electrician Course is a must.

This Course additionally makes it clear for an Electrician how to prevent and apprehend hazards. It involves the use of equipment that mostly Electricians use in their field. Mostly, there are additional symptoms of Electrical Shock mentioned in this course as well.

Course Scope

  • Accidents associated with Electricity
  • Energized Work
  • Indicating various Electric Hazards

Control of Electricity

Unlike the previous course, where you indicated the Hazards, in this course, you are given the right knowledge to tackle Electricity. Most of the time, it depends on the power of Electricity and the site, whether you can even come closer without safety equipment or not. This Electrician Course is all it and much more like avoiding risks while working with the equipment and electricity itself.

There are various hazards associated with Electricity, and they can cause incidents that you might not be aware of. This course allows you to get knowledge of all these hazards and their incidents while also understanding how to tackle them.

The equipment that stores energy has Lock and Tag-out procedures that this course also guides you about, along with RCDs (Residual Current Devices), Meter Box RCDs, Portable RCDs, Mixed RCDs, and PP RCDs. Further, you will also gain knowledge of inspections and how they are carried out, along with recording the testing results.

Course Scope

  • Electrical Equipment Testing
  • Electrical Equipment Tagging
  • Risks and their Assessment
  • RCDs or Residual Current Devices

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Training for Residential Electricians

This is one of the most famous courses that most people looking for a career path as an Electrician take. Just as the name suggests, in this Electrician Course, you will be given the essential knowledge on how to handle Residential Wiring or Electricity.

It goes into the basics of wiring, working with wires, electrical systems, and so on. Whether you are looking to do the home Electrical work yourself or you want to earn a living by doing Residential Wiring, this course will make you ready for it.

Further, it gives you knowledge of Safety, materials associated with wiring, entrances for service, and so on. With this, you will come to know how to do the installation, troubleshoot, and maintain the wiring systems. After the basics, you will be taught, how to identify the problem through service calls and how you can fix it on the phone.

It isn’t like a short course but rather a complete Course that you can take physically or online depending on your budget, time, and your need.

Course Scope

  • Consumer Service
  • Wire Planning for Residencies
  • Wiring System for Residencies
  • Equipment and service entrances for Residencies

Essentials of Wiring Practice

One more important Electrician Course is none other than Wiring Practice, in which you get to learn about the distribution systems and wiring of electricity in detail. Most of the time, Electricians take this course in order to become better with their wiring.

First of all, in this course, you will be given thorough knowledge about various wires, their roles, and their usability. This enables you to know which is better for the travel of Electricity from one place to another, enhancing the efficiency.

As you proceed further, you will learn about the joints of cables, their types, and various types of structures that are essential for wiring. You will also be given an insight into the wiring diagrams (Layout) and installation of the system according to that diagram.

Finally, some might even train you to learn about wiring schemes, automobile circuits, and building wiring. As it is a versatile course, depending on the institute, things might change quite a bit.

Course Scope

  • Automobile Lighting Circuits
  • Buildings Lighting Circuits
  • Wiring Schemes
  • Joints for Wiring
  • Cables used in Wiring

Electrical Wiring System Introduction

In the previous course on Wiring, you only dealt with the Electric Wires, but in the Electrician Course of Wiring System, you get to understand the device boxes, cables, conductors, fittings, and basic devices that accompany the wiring.

Wiring is not openly visible, rather there are Wiring Systems at ends in which you will see the wire ending or bending like Breakers and Device Boxes. This course gives you knowledge about all of these things in detail.

As you proceed further, it changed to Hand Bending, various techniques for Bending, Processes, and their Importance as well. Then, you will learn about the protection of wiring, working with various conductors in Electrical Systems, and using cables.

Course Scope

  • Cables and Conductors
  • Device Boxes
  • Fittings
  • Raceways
  • Hand Bending

Electrical Training or Electrician

This course is similar to the Electrical Engineering Subjects, where you are familiar with various Electricity Terms like DC, AC, Circuit Analysis, Technical Aspects, and various Principles, with much more.

There are the basics of Electricity that every Electrician should be well aware of and have an in-depth understanding of. In the beginning, you will be given the theoretical basics, and when you proceed further, there are some deep terminologies like Electrical Theory, Electrical Generation, Electricity Types, Electromagnetism, Transmission, and various types of equipment used for Testing.

Course Scope

  • Electrical Tools
  • Electrical Safety and Theory
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Units of Electricity

Final Verdict

Electricity is without a doubt one of the most important things we have in our lives nowadays. For this reason, Electricians also have a much better career opportunity and earn quite a lot because of the expensive wiring.

Therefore, some people are simply looking for courses to take their career path as an Electrician, while some are looking for knowledge to do their house wiring themselves and save some cost. To understand some of the top Electrician Courses, we have here a beginner’s Guide to Electrician Courses in detail.

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