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Best Sheet Metal Classes, Schools, and Online Training Programs

image represents Best Sheet Metal Classes, Schools, and Online Training Programs

If you’ve been thinking about learning how to make your own metal art but don’t know where to start – look no further than these sheet metal classes, schools, and online training programs.

Are you ready for a new career? If so, there are sure to be some amazing places that will get the job done!

Sheet metal classes

Many different sheet metal classes are available to students who want to learn about this important industry. In these classes, students will learn about the materials, tools, and techniques used in sheet metal work.

image represents Best Sheet Metal Classes, Schools, and Online Training Programs

They will also learn how to use hand, layout, cutting tools, and bending and forming machines. The coursework will also include practice with trade math problems and material types and properties.

The first course in most sheet metal programs covers pipe and fittings, gutters, downspouts, and sheet metal duct fabrications. This course emphasizes principles and types of fittings, bend allowances, and calculations. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Sheet Metal Worker Program Courses

The sheet metal worker program offers courses that cover a range of skills, such as welding, fabricating, and soldering. The program costs $575 for Sheet Metal 1 and $1,575 for Sheet Metal II. The sheet metal worker program requires a commitment to safety and the use of proper tools.

Sheet Metal Worker Program Degree Programs & Certificates

To become a licensed sheet metal worker, you must complete a registered apprenticeship software. This software will provide the coaching you need to acquire your journeyman-level certification. The program will additionally cover the technical thing of the Certificate of Proficiency.

The apprenticeship program lasts five years and will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified sheet metal worker. During this time, you will learn how to install and maintain products made from metal sheets. You will also develop strong math skills and learn how to work with metal.

Workforce Training & Professional Development

Workforce Training & Professional Development

Workforce training, continuing education courses, and summer camps are the best places to learn sheet metal. The WTCE offers a variety of courses to choose from. The WTCE also offers a course schedule and course descriptions.

Sheet Metal Worker Program Tuition & Costs

Costs for In-State Adult Students

The tuition and fees for the sheet metal worker program are $528. The application fee is $15, and textbooks, supplies, and certifications are not included in the estimated cost. The total estimated cost for in-state adult students is $543.

Community Programming for Adults & Youth

Many types of sheet metal classes exist, schools, and online training programs. It’s important to research different programs to find the right one for you. Some factors you may want to consider include the type of training offered, the length of the program, and the cost.

Sheet Metal Worker Program Employment & Outcomes

Salary Range

According to the research, sheet metal workers typically start at $15 – $19 per hour. This is the average salary range for these workers.

Pass Rate

There is no specific data on the pass rate for sheet metal workers. However, the overall pass rate for apprenticeship programs is about 80%. This means that out of every 100 people who start an apprenticeship, about 80 will complete it.

Employment Opportunities

The sheet metal industry is growing, and there are many jobs available. Salaries vary depending on experience and location. There are many job opportunities for sheet metal workers in the private and public sectors.

The CTA Button provides employment information for sheet metal workers in Florida. The Occupational Outlook lists the job titles and expected growth for sheet metal workers in Florida.

Best online training programs for sheet metal

The best online training programs for sheet metal offer a variety of courses and formats to suit different needs. Sheet metal training can be expensive, but the best programs offer quality training to help you succeed. The trainees will learn how to use sheet metal hand tools, sheet metal power tools, sheet metal drawings, sheet metal fittings, and air system components.

The trainees will learn to develop sheet metal drawings, install ductwork, and cut out, bend, and form sheet metal fittings and components. The courses offered are Sheet Metal I and Sheet Metal II. The cost for Sheet Metal I is $575, and for Sheet Metal II it is $1,795.

What are the benefits of taking sheet metal classes?

  • Students will receive an introduction to the sheet metal industry: Students will learn about materials, tools, and techniques used in the sheet metal industry.
  • The course includes a review of trade math problems: Trade math problems are reviewed in the course to help students learn how to use measurements correctly in their work.
  • You will study various types of pipe and fittings: Pipe and fittings types are studied in detail, including downspouts, gutters, flashings for roofs, etc.
  • Principles of soldering are covered: Soldering is discussed in depth, emphasizing principles and types of fittings for radial line development.
  • You will learn about bend allowances and the calculations necessary to determine proper ones. Bend allowances are explained along with calculations necessary for determining them properly.

Requirements for taking online sheet metal classes

To take online sheet metal classes, you will need access to SOLIDWORKS 2018 or a later version, and you should have some experience with mechanical design.

The classes will teach you how to build standalone sheet metal parts and convert conventional parts to sheet metal. The course is 3 days long, and you must have completed the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course or have similar experience.


If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the manufacturing industry, learning sheet metalwork is a great place to start. With the proper training, you can become a skilled and in-demand worker with good job prospects and earning potential.

Use this guide to find the best sheet metal classes and schools near you and get started on your new career today. For more information, contact here:



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