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Duties of a Business Management Development Team

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Business Management Development is an exceptional field for those looking to help businesses develop a good relationship with their clients for the long term. It all falls on the shoulders of the team how to attain success for an organization through specific means.

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Each group or member of the team has specific duties to fulfill for the Business to flourish. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential duties of the Business Management Development team and discuss what are the requirements of a team to attain success in business.

What is business development?

Business development is the term used for making the business better through utilizing ideas, activities, and initiatives. This can further point out the enhancing revenue of the business, its expansion, increasing the profit, making a decision based on strategies, and finally making partnerships strategically.

A Business Management Development team looks after various aspects of a business. They fall under the business development manager, having the authority to look at each aspect and give tasks to various personnel working under the development team. The various duties fulfilled by this team are;

Duties of the Business Management Development Team

There isn’t a single department in business management development, rather it extends to sales, project management, vendor management, marketing, product management, partnerships, networking, efforts for saving cost, negotiation, and so on. Mostly, people term these as different segments, but they are all included in the genre of business development.

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Various duties of the Business Management Development team are:


In the segment of sales, the team will work on defined clients or markets. It is done to focus more on revenue.


The marketing team focuses on advertising and promotion to enhance sales to end customers and achieve specific sales targets.

In the world of marketing, the budget allocated plays a significant role in determining the strategies used. A larger budget allows for more effective methods such as roadshows, cold calling, free samples, and personal visits. On the other hand, a smaller budget limits options to online ads, social media ads, print ads, and billboards.


The team must choose to go solo, ally with others, or partner with existing firms in the market.

This segment is associated with both the finance and legal teams. The Business Management Development team weighs the pros and cons of each initiative before selecting the best option.

Business planning and project management

The decisions like making a new facility, making products in the base country, and importing them afterward into the market are done by this team. The Business Management Development team takes these precautions based on the assessment of the cost to time. Afterward, the final intake is from the project management team that pushes the business towards a specific goal.

Product management

Each country has its own standards and requirements for the market. The team looks after these standards before rolling out the products on the market at that spot. Does the country require a new product, or rolling out the customized version is enough?

Both the manufacturing department and the management team look after this issue, considering the changes in approvals, legal matters, costs, and changes to the business plan.

Managing vendors

When launching the product in a specific area, will it be shipped through a new courier service dedicated to this specific product, or can it be shipped by already existing services through partnership? All these details are taken into consideration by the team.

Networking, negotiation, and lobbying

Some businesses require skills like lobbying, networking, and negotiation; these skills are referred to as soft skills. Mostly, a business that requires third parties like government authorities, vendors, regulators, and agencies needs negotiation and networking.

Budgeting or saving cost

Business Management Development is not only about products, sales, reach, and so on. It is also about budgeting and saving costs. The Business Management Development team will have to look after the initiatives that can save costs using various schemes.

These schemes might be outsourcing the work to save the cost of doing it yourself, accounting, billing, the operation related to technology, and also the services for consumers. Most of the time, partnerships are done as a strategic approach that requires these types of initiatives.

Key roles of Business Management Development teams

Depending on the marketing strategy and the type of industry, there are activities like making leads by attracting clients, qualifying them, and closing in on them. Here, we will try to note down the most important roles that a Business Management Development team should have.

There are even organizations that are complex and require multiple individuals for the roles that we will mention later on. For smaller businesses, there is a requirement of one person per role.


Just as the name suggests, the researcher looks up the market and researches it specifically. In return, you will get to know which market is best for your business. What price should you put up? What is the effective way of reaching consumers?

Answering these questions will allow you to tackle risks or minimize them. Also, it accelerates the business even more in a new area or market. This is usually outsourcing if you are a small firm, the bigger enterprises go for their research.


Researchers give you information that you need to act upon. The strategist turns that information into a strategy. The plan you make will put up an initial point for your Business Management Development team to work on.

Digital Specialist

It is an era of digitalization. Everything is going digital nowadays, especially businesses of all sizes. A firm is bound to fail if there is no expertise in the business. The Business Management Development team should accompany a digital specialist group or individual looking after SEO, marketing automation, website, and analytics.

Outreach Specialist

If a business has everything to succeed, but the customers don’t know about its existence of this business, it will fail. There is a need to reach an audience through partnerships or secure placements. The outreach specialist must be persistent, pleasant, and have good organization.

Implementation support

You already have a plan but facing difficulties in implementing it. This is where the implementation supporter comes into consideration and might include making appointments for webinars.

Expert in subject matter

A technical person or team that knows how to showcase the business and then promote it afterward.

Presenter, writer, and networker

A team or person can present professionally because a presenter can enhance inspiration and content. Presenters are not always great writers, and you need one who can make exceptional reports or edit them afterward. Finally, a Business Management Development team requires a networker that makes connections with other firms, audiences, and partnerships.

Preparation of proposals

When things start to get serious or professional, the proposals become essential. To gain attention, it is essential to have someone to look after the proposals.

Sale closer

A Business Management Development team should have a sales closer, who has the talent and the skills to make a deal with a client or a firm. It can boost sales even more and build trust in the market.


Every person won’t do their part of the work honestly. There is bound to be a higher power that looks after everything and makes sure things are going well, while justice is being done to everyone. A project leader or Business Management Development manager with leadership and business knowledge is required to look after the team, guide them, overcome challenges, motivate them, and make sure everything is going crystal clear.


Should new business development be done?

Yes, it is essential to have new business development as it generates employment for people, can develop industries, and even aid the country’s economy without going back.

How do you get success in business development?

The only thing that you will need is a vision and a team that can help you implement the strategies or make them. It is essential to have a written plan and execute the business according to that plan.

What skills should executives of business developers have?

There are various skills that an executive should have, but most importantly he/she should have a vision, leadership abilities, working mood, ethics, and drive to work, and should work with people having similar goals.


In Business Management Development, the business depends on the team, and every team has its own duties it should fulfill. Whereas, irrespective of the being a small business or an industry, it should consider some specific person in there to enhance the business.

In this article, we have the essential duties of the Business Management Development team sorted out, alongside the major things that should be included in a team. In case you are looking for a skilled professional to back you up in trades, feel free to contact



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