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How Much Do Slate Roofers Make?

image represents How Much Do Slate Roofers Make?

Honestly, for any roof, the best thing is slate. It can last longer and has that beautiful finish with various color combinations. If something goes wrong, there is a replacement period. For this reason, people are shifting to slate roofs and the slate roofer business is skyrocketing.

image represents How Much Do Slate Roofers Make?

Considering all this, there is a question that comes to mind, How much do Slate Roofers make? If you are looking forward to pursuing a career as a slate roofer, you must consider a few things, like your comfort level with heights, your stamina, your endurance to work in various environmental conditions, and so on.

As a slate roofer, your job will be to provide a shield to people’s homes and buildings against extreme weather conditions. You will also have a choice of working on residential or commercial projects. Here we will disclose the details about Slate Roofing and guide you on how much the Slate Roofers really earn.

What is slate roofing?

Slate roofing is renowned for its exceptional durability and top-notch quality. The highest-grade slate can even endure up to 200 years, although this depends on several factors.

Before choosing slate roofing, consider if your roof can handle the weight and cost.

Slate Roofers

A slate roofer is a skilled professional who specializes in the construction of roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. They are responsible for overseeing the entire project from beginning to end, ensuring that every detail is analyzed and accounted for, including the slate installation plan.

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Your job as a slate roofer will be to re-make, build, and maintain the slate on top of the stadiums, offices, residential houses, public buildings, factories, and so on. Every building has a different structure on top of the roof and your job is to have enough experience with all the roof types.

The job of Slate Roofers

The job is different for different kinds of projects. Your job is to have experience and comfort with different kinds of materials, including the grey slate. The Slate Roofers’ job not only covers the new installation but also includes maintenance and repair.

In the field of maintenance, you will have to look at and analyze the whole roof, make a plan, and then start remodeling it. Most of the time, the roofs have plywood or metal panels; your job is to take them out securely and install the slate roofs on top.

  • Type of material and amount estimation for the project
  • Waterproofing the roof by doing professional fitting
  • Height Safety
  • Skylight installation
  • Technical drawings of the project
  • Work at cultural buildings or historic building
  • Regulations in buildings working
  • Making metal or lead decorative that is alongside the structure

Salary of Slate Roofers

The salary of a slate roofer depends on the skills, the position, experience, and the employer. The average salary of a roofer is around 17k/year dollars for the unskilled or ones who are getting started. The experienced, who have been in this field for a while, earn around 35k/year.

Still, there are times when roofers can earn a little extra from projects and bonuses. It is important to mention that there are two types of salaries; the first is on hourly wages, and the second is on a project basis. Both have their pros and cons.

You can also enjoy some of the most notable benefits like pension benefits, insurance, and medical benefits as well.

  • Beginner-trained roofers can earn more than 17k dollars
  • Completely trained roofers with some experience can earn between 17k and 25k dollars.
  • Senior roofers, having mastered their field, can earn between 25k to 35k dollars.
  • There are also self-employed roofers, with their own rates and without having to pay the employer. All the income is yours, while you have to pay for the labor and other things associated with Slate Roofers.

Factors that affect salary

As we already mentioned, as a slate roofer, you are dependent on the skills you have as a roofer and your employer. The one who is responsible for installation will surely earn a lot more than the one who is responsible for maintenance or repairs.

Further, if we dig deep enough, the maintenance is divided into several things. There are ones who are responsible for installation in the entire house, and there are ones who change only part of the house.

The projects that you have done, their succession, your qualification, and your experience paves the way for you to earn a lot more than the average amount. When you are a student, learning your way to become the top slate roofer, you will earn much less.

It also depends on the industry you will probably work in. Commercial buildings or projects will give you much more than residential buildings.

Types of Slate Roofers

On the most basic level, there are four types of Slate Roofers. Below, we have a description for them all;

Residential roofers

Considering the residential areas, the Slate Roofers will look at and fix the problem. It also involved private residencies and doesn’t require a pro level to install slate on the roof.

Commercial roofers

Your job here is to do the roofing of commercial buildings and it includes industries as well. For this work, you will have to be a professional and have an unuttered grasp of the equipment. There is not only installation, rather maintenance, lookup, and recommendation involved as well.

Slate roofing skills and education


If you are looking to become a professional slate roofer, you will have to get a college degree in roofing and work under a professional as an apprentice.

Training at college: Various courses are associated with roofing at college and most of them will offer you a diploma or a certificate. We recommend going for the diploma (level 2) on the slating. To enter, you will need to have GCSEs, two of them or more at A to D grades (9 to 3). After completion, you will become an operative trainee for roofing.

Apprenticeship: from an operative trainee to becoming an operative, you will have to take the apprenticeship. During this tenure, you will have to work for around 30 hours weekly alongside the college physically. It has the same requirements as the college.


If you have certain skills, you will also get benefits from slate roofing. Below, we have mentioned some of the skills;

Team skills (interpersonal): It is teamwork and you will have to work with other members during the replacement or installation. Interpersonal or team skills are essential here.

Manual dexterity: precision is the number one thing in slate roofing. If you are not precise with the handling and installation, the roof or the building itself will get damaged.

Fitness (physical): As we already mentioned slate roofs are exceptionally heavy along with their equipment. You will need to be physically fit to climb ladders and spend hours on top of heavy equipment. Make sure you are not scared of heights and can easily tackle the top of buildings or residencies.

Detailing: There is a pattern to the slate you apply on the roof, make sure to follow that same pattern to provide a beautiful look to it. Further, it is the exterior of the house and requires waterproofing. If you are not detailed enough, the water will rinse or pass through that roof. So, attention to detail is essential.


Do the Slate Roofers earn enough to live a good life?

Well, it depends on which skill level you are on. If you are a beginner, you will have issues with the low salary, but as you proceed further into the realm of professional Slate Roofers, you will find a lucrative salary to live a good life.

Does slate roofing count as something good?

Your job is to solve the problem of people in trouble. It might be their money, but you are doing the absolute best to keep the house waterproof, warm, secure, and give a beautiful look to the house itself. Further, you can make a living out of slate roofing and find even better opportunities in the field.

Why should a building have slate roofing?

Slate is a natural stone product that gives your building or home an overall beautiful appearance. There are designs, sizes, and colors available that can even pump the look up a notch. Slate roofing is also amongst the longest-living things you can apply to your house. It can last around 2 centuries maximum and at least 1 century minimum.

Slates are also fire resistant, meaning they can stop the fire that elevates from the air, and save you from wildfires, accidental fireworks sparks, and so on. Lastly, it doesn’t harm the environment in any possible way.


Slate Roofing is on the rise and nearly everyone is shifting to it because of how beautiful they look and its longevity. They can last a century, at least to around 2 centuries; what more are you looking for? Because of this, the Slate Roofers are also earning way more than they used to, back in the day.

If you are looking to start work as a Slate Roofer, you will have to get experience and a diploma/certification as well, in order to earn a good living. Besides this, our recommendation is to take a bit of experience from doing work under a company and then start your own work once you are comfortable. To help you understand everything in detail, we have an article on Slate Roofers’ earnings.

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