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How to get Elevator Technician Certification

image represents How to get Elevator Technician Certification
 image represents How to get Elevator Technician Certification

With new constructions and developments in technology, owners are moving to Elevators. As for the tall buildings, there is no other preference because even the formative years can’t take the stairs nowadays. For this reason, Elevator Technician certification are on the rise of opportunities, and organizations are hiring new ones now and then.

You could have seen in the department stores that somewhere, a person is caught in the Elevator, the door doesn’t open, or someone has something stuck inside. In this emergency, an elevator technician is the sole viable man or woman to help you.

Various job presents like 24/7 and part-time jobs pay quite properly compared to different Technicians. For this reason, people searching for a skilled profession usually follow an Elevator Technician’s direction. Still, you must get the Technician Certification to become an Elevator Technician.

Don’t worry, this article is all about it, and we will be discussing how you can get your palms on Technician Certification and expand your profession as an experienced Elevator Technician.

Working as an Elevator Technician

Working of an Elevator Technician

Just like we mentioned, Elevator Technicians have one sole purpose: to install, maintain, and repair the Elevators, along with Lifts and Escalators. Elevator Technicians utilize various specialized equipment.

First, they check whether or not the Lifts, Elevators, and Escalators are working as intended. The Technicians who are more on the Repair side along with Installation should know Hydraulics, Electronics, and Electricity.

  • Duties of an Elevator Technician
  • Determine the Layout of the System by Interpreting the Diagrams or Blueprints
  • Motor and Control Panel Electrical Connection
  • Elevator Car Assembly
  • Checking whether the Installed Product meets Specifications
  • Checking the Elevators and Troubleshooting issues in Motors, Brakes, Control Systems, Switches, and so on.
  • Elevator Dismantling, along with the Escalators and similar equipment
  • Returning the faulty Elevator to fully operational
  • Inspections and Maintenance Calls for Elevators and similar equipment
  • Service Record keeping for the repair, maintenance, and checks.

Become an Elevator Technician

To become one, there is only one route, which is through the Elevator Technician Certification. Either you get it through an Apprenticeship program, or you enroll yourself in college to get that Certification. Some companies even prefer Technicians who already have degrees in Electronics or specific fields.

Elevator Technician Certifications

Apprenticeship Program

You might already know about the Apprenticeship Programs because of how incredibly popular they are and the opportunities they bring for you in the future. Most of the time, Elevator Technicians go for the four-year Apprenticeship Program.

It isn’t like you can enroll yourself in this program; rather, it is associated with the government and authorized by it as well. You should already have a High School Diploma or GED and must be older than 18 years to apply for the four-year apprenticeship Program.

In the Apprenticeship, you are working under an expert Elevator Technician, much like an Apprentice. First, you will do the basic work, and as you proceed further, you will learn about Electrical Wiring, Motors, Counterweights, and Hydraulics.

The Best thing about the Apprenticeship Program is that you are learning as you are earning. In short, you will be given half the amount of a proper new independent Elevator Technician. It increases as you reach the end of your journey.

After you have completed your Apprenticeship Journey, you will be given the Elevator Technician Certification, which is properly authorized by the top organizations.

Some of the Organizations like NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) have other classes as well that are side by side the practical training. These are theoretical and great for basics. Some of them are;

  • Hydraulics
  • History of Elevators
  • Wiring of Electricity
  • Elevator Components Installation
  • Motors

Looking for an Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program in Detail? You can check out our Guide to Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Program 2022 here.

Degree Program

Just like any other field where you advance one way or another, an Elevator Technician who has the degree with him/her is faster growing in contrast to the High School Diploma. Yet, there isn’t a requirement, but if you somehow have an Associate’s Degree in Electronics, it opens up the way for opportunities for you and helps you secure a spectacular Job.

Electronics Associate’s Degree

This short degree program provides you with the skills to test electronic equipment and gives you knowledge of computer software/hardware and much more essentials for the fieldwork. Electronic Programs are much more tilted towards the Voltages, Wiring, and Continuity as well, covering topics like;

  • Technology
  • AC and DC
  • Physics
  • Circuits
  • MP or Microprocessors

Research Elevator Technician Skills

Most of the time, in the Degree or Apprenticeship Phase, you will be given all the necessary Skills required in the Field of Elevator Technician. But, you can also get them individually and secure work under some faculty that requires these specific skills. Some of these skills are;

  • Math
  • Stamina and Physical Strength
  • Power Tools Knowledge and Mechanical Skills
  • Wiring Knowledge and Electrical Skills
  • Elevator Problems Diagnosing and Repair
  • Diagram and Blueprint Understanding

Other Elevator Technician Certification

It depends on the place where you are living, as well as the government which provides these Certifications. Some of the famous Elevator Technician Certifications are Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician along with the Elevator Technician Certification.

These Certifications don’t require you to utilize your four years; rather, they are meant to be for two years and it is self-directed. Here, you will also have textbook work, skill verification, and Internet courses.

Future of Elevator Technicians

An estimate leads us to believe that Elevator Technicians are going to have a ten to fifteen percent boost in their employment before 2028. Yearly, the Elevator Technicians earn around 80k to 100k dollars depending on the Experience and the Platform.

Still, there are some who are earning way beyond that mark to somewhere around 150k, but it is a minority. The average is within 100k and is expected to increase if you start your own business side by side.

Career Opportunity

If you have an Associate Level Electronics, then you probably can do much more than being only an Elevator Technician, and you can go for many entry-level positions. Some of these fields are;

  • AC Control systems
  • Telecommunication
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Renewable Energy

Final Verdict

Elevator Technicians are on the rise because of the massive shift towards Elevators and Escalators. Even small homes with 2 or 3 floors have Elevators in them because of how convenient they make life for disabled or old people. This in return, favors the Elevator Technicians, as well as their Employment, which is expected to increase 10 percent more, while their earnings are quite good in the realm of Technicians.

Besides this, to become one, you must have Elevator Technician Certification through an Apprenticeship or Degree Program. Here in this Guide, we have everything mentioned in detail for you to read and make up your mind easily. Get the best Skilled Trade Training from Professionals at All our Courses and Products are listed on the Product Page for you to check out.



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