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Why Leadership Training Organizations Fail to Train

Why Leadership Training Organizations Fail to Train

Corporations are spending millions and billions on leadership training for their employees while also providing them with education. Still, the issue is that these employees aren’t returning the investment put in them, and one of the reasons is that people revert to old habits.

Take the example of SMA’s who invest in the programs that train to improve the effectiveness of the organization and also enhance the leadership. MEPD are the ones who are continuously implementing it for their employees.

The people who are in the program or participate in it have a strong positive opinion about this program. They are training for teamwork, and the survey shows changes in their behavior. After a few years, the new manager again took the survey and found that the training was somehow nearly zero among the participants.

This means that training didn’t work, and it is the case with nearly all the companies that organize expensive programs by Leadership Training Organizations for their employees. For this reason, we have here an article where we will discuss Why Leadership Training Organizations Fail to Train.

What is the problem?

Leadership Training for Companies’ Own Benefit

Understandably, Education with a focus on the growth of individuals means they will develop skills for better careers. However, the reason behind Organizations giving HR and Management training to their employees is disappointing to some extent.

Interviewing the Managers and insider news suggest that the training was not for the employees, but rather for their own company. It was never to train the employees to improve themselves and produce real leaders, rather it was training to make the company outshine companies without these trained employees.

Researchers also noticed that the supervisors who went for the Leadership Training under the Leadership Training Organizations had their views changed altogether. They did have a positive effect, but the actual meaning of Leadership in their own sense was absent.

Same old Units and Change in Job

While most of the time, Leadership Training Organizations trained the employees in a new way, the offices and units were all designed for the old ways. Hundreds and Thousands of companies plan to send their Employees to Leadership Training Organizations but lag behind in the concept that they start off the transformation by changing themselves.

Several studies do suggest that Leadership Training Organizations focusing on Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities have an amazing effect on individuals. Workers who were at the front and then promoted to Supervisor had the attitude of Pro Management.

On the other hand, the Managers who were degraded to front workers had the attitude of Management and Pro-Union. This suggests that the Leadership Training Organization didn’t do the job well of shifting attitudes with the shifting duty and maintaining their status.

Not Opening to Changes or Open Speech

When you want to make a difference in the Organization, you must allow the employees to speak up about their thoughts and views. Only in this way can the top executives understand the situation inside the company.

After passing through the realistic Leadership Training Organizations program, the Employees will start to question various things. Silencing them or stopping them from changing various things in the company for a better cause will cause them a backlash instead of proving the Training to be correct.


So we have seen the issue that the education and training given to the employees might produce a change to the Leadership skills altogether, but sometimes the issues remain within the organization structure. Changing the system and creating one that sustains the training will indeed derive results an institute wants to see.

A poor Return on Investment isn’t actually the case with training, rather it is the Hallucination of Corporate leaders that they are bringing real change. The HR companies select the employees according to their set rules that check the competency of people. They select the right attitude, skills, and even knowledge according to their needs.

While the Leadership Training Organizations are designed to develop these same competencies in the individuals, hoping for a change in the real sense. So, we can see that it is more the institutes’ fault than Leadership Training Organizations Fail to Train.

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Overcoming the Boundaries

When it was taken into consideration what the Managers honestly thought about, there were mainly around six things that they thought were the Boundaries of Change. If these Boundaries were overcome, the Employees would start to perform much more effectively for the company.

  • The companies didn’t have clear instructions and direction on what they valued or their working strategies. In this way, there are many conflicts within the organizations, and the employees were confused.
  • The changes were only sought out by the Employees rather than the Executive Seniors as well. The Executives are not working with the team; they are not open about what they should be open about, can’t open to changes, and haven’t got a new direction.
  • There are no honest conversations regarding the real problems in the institute because leaders are actually taking the top-down approach.
  • The coordination between the individuals themselves is a major element of success, and it is lacking in the functions, the business, the region, and even the organization’s design.
  • Leadership time isn’t enough to bring a change, and the attention is shifted towards the talent more than the hard work.
  • The environment of fear is put up for the employees, and they cannot tell the seniors about obstacles in their ways that can truly make a better change in the effectiveness of organizations.

From all of this, we understand that Leadership Training Organizations are not the real problem here, but rather the design of the company and the working environment they put before the employees. Even the seniors are not putting forward a clear strategy or corporate value, and it results in managers not understanding their real requirements in the sector.

Designing Organization from Soil

Now that we are aware of what the actual difficulty is here, it is time to make a single solution to assist in maintaining everything. The first issue that the Organization must do is educate the employees as properly as the executives from the bottom to the higher hierarchy.

The crew employees want the training to operate better, and the senior team additionally needs to do so. Research shows that this type of training, on the whole, lets the project participants tell seniors precise projects are no longer great for the company’s success and it is better to close them.

This, in return, made the seniors assured of their team, and the company benefited as well. Furthermore, the Organization ought to be designed from the soil and made according to the obligations put up for them.

Ranging from the base to the top, the entirety should be separated, and the team must be made according to the work they have been doing. A person who solely knows about electrical energy shouldn’t be told to lead a group that is working on cement.

Final Verdict

Most of the time, the Companies don’t get the outcome they thought they would get after sending the Employees to Leadership Training Organizations and toss it totally on the Organizations themselves. The real reason why no change is seen, or even things start to go negative is because of the design of the Companies themselves.

From the bottom to the higher-ups, some things need changing to sustain the training employees get at the Leadership Training Organizations. To understand everything, we have a detailed article on Why Leadership Training Organizations Fail to Train.

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